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The Kirkland Emergency Communications Team,  KECT/ARES for short, was established in 1995 at the request of the Emergency Preparedness Division of the Fire & Building Department.

The purpose of the KECT/ARES Team is to provide the City of Kirkland with an independent, volunteer supported communications system.  This system supplements the Fire Department and other systems normally in place.  It is activated by City authorities in the event of local or area-wide events requiring additional communications capability.  While communications within the City have priority, contacts with other cities, counties, and the State of Washington will also be provided as relevant to the event.

The KECT/ARES Team is a non-profit, all volunteer, community service organization that exists under the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 118-04 guidelines of the Emergency Worker Program.  Membership is open to individuals with an interest in providing vital emergency communications support to the community during a disaster or emergency situation, and have a Technician License or higher.  Members must be registered as State Emergency Workers and submit to a criminal history and driving record background checks before participation.

The team holds monthly meetings, which are open to the public.  If you are interested in attending a KECT/ARES meeting, please send an email to

Interested in joining the KECT/ARES team? 

First, please contact the team leaders via email.

The next step is to check in to the regular Sunday night nets as a visitor.  You will also need to attend a couple of meetings to learn more about the team.

Once you have gotten to know the team you can make the decision to officially join as a member.  Membership is contingent on completing a City of Kirkland volunteer application, including background check forms.  These forms can be accessed on the City of Kirkland website [click here].

Sunday Night Net

All amateur radio operators are encouraged to check in as a guest on the KECT weekly Sunday night net at 1930 hours (7:30 pm) every Sunday on the Lake Washington Ham Club's linked VHF and UHF Repeater:

Frequency 145.49 & 441.075 MHz (Minus Dup Tone 103.5)

Social Media


          Facebook: Kirkland-ARES 

          Twitter: @KirklandARES

Want to learn more?

Interested in getting your amateur radio operator license?

Check out the Lake Washington Ham Club (LWHC).  It is a family-oriented club that holds several training and exam sessions each year.  The group is very involved with Boy Scouts and has helped quite a few scouts earn their amateur radio badges.

K7LWH - "Creating a community
of amateur HAM radio operators
of all ages!"

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